Welcome to FlaminBeads!
I am an Australian Lampworker (glass bead maker). I just love anything made from glass. I have been making glass beads (Lampwork) for about 7 years. Lampwork has almost become a full-time occupation for me, with anything up to 10 hours spent in front of the torch in a day.
My husband Don and I live in an idyllic riverside village called Brushgrove, about 20 minutes from larger towns.
The river views must have inspired us, because since we moved up here nearly 9 years ago we’ve got into Lampwork, lapidary, silver smithing, wood turning, crafting band-sawn boxes and jewellery making,
The whole place is laden with wooden and glass objects. Help…it’s getting crowded in here!
I hope that you enjoy looking at the Lampwork. I certainly enjoyed making the beads and jewellery!

For more information contact Janette Nethercott by email janette@flaminbeads.com or go to the Ordering page.